Urban Sketching in a Brave New World is my senior project from Cal State University, Long Beach. I chose this title, because I knew I wanted urban sketching to be a part of the project. I created studies on location to serve as inspiration for the final illustrations. The second part of the title is extremely fitting, because we are, indeed, living in a "brave new world." Through a series of eight illustrations, my goal is to show the ways in which our lives have changed during the COVID-19 Pandemic. I did not, however, want to show a depressing outlook on the situation. Instead, I showed an optimistic view, how we have adapted our lives to stay safe, but still held on to a sense of normalcy. We were resilient. We banded together as a community and supported each other. When we look back on the year 2020, while we will always bear a sense of sadness, loss, and grief, let us remember, too, the good we saw in each other and the perseverance within our communities. 

©2021 by Hannah Shafiroff 

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