Hannah is currently working towards her BFA in Illustration at Cal State University Long Beach. She loves to create happy, colorful, and whimsical illustrations for children's books. As a child, Hannah loved to pour over the artwork in picture books, soaking up every last detail. Hannah is also an avid urban sketcher: She loves using her art to capture the little details she observes in everyday activities and interactions. Whether on campus or around town, Hannah almost always has a sketchbook and drawing materials in tow and will be found scribbling away. When not drawing (which is not often), she enjoys walking around her neighborhood to say hello to the local fauna, as well as catching up on favorite TV shows.

The Unexpected Rainy Day

Rachel and Otis have big adventures planned for Saturday. But when an unexpected rainy day keeps them indoors, their plans get cancelled. What will they do? Will it be a long, boring day inside, or will they find a way to make the best of things? This charming story is a gentle way to begin teaching young children about working through life's disappointments. 

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